Welcome to the Game Tester Jobs Adviser! Game tester jobs are among the most sought after employment among those of us who love playing video games, period. It’s fun, and you get paid, and paid very well.

Yet if you have never worked in the video game industry, or done any kind of information technology work, it can seem a bit intimidating. What skills do I need? Where do I apply? What should I put on my resume? How do I prepare for my interview? Rest easy – everyone starts at the beginning, and if you are determined to become a video game tester, it will happen.

Many of us have gotten our start playing video games, and turned that passion into a career, and you can too. Twelve years ago, my wife used to give me grief about all the time I spent playing games. Not anymore. I was able to leverage the basic computer skills I picked up playing video games into my first video game tester job, at Microsoft! Testing video games, of course – and 18 months later, I was a full-time Test Lead at Microsoft, with 8 Testers under me. My story is a common one at Microsoft, and it can become your story too. You simply have to want it badly enough. This website is dedicated to making that happen.

In the right sidebar you will find a “mini-guide” on landing your first video game tester jobs. We first provide a 7-step overview on what you need to get hired for your first video game testing job, then break each of those steps down into more detail. More importantly, we will show the money by teaching you how to rapidly move beyond “entry-level”, 10 bucks an hour temp video game tester positions into the highly paid positions of career video game testing professionals!

You will learn how to showcase your passion for video games, as well as give you some basic testing and industry knowledge that will give you a huge leg up against other entry-level video game testers. If you follow this simple guide, I guarantee that you will be hired for your first video game tester job – and be well prepared to create a future for yourself as a highly paid video game tester!

Watch Video Game Testers On The Job

We also have a great video for you - if you are at all interested in becoming a video game tester for a living, then check out this video! You’ll see game testers on the job, discussing and demonstrating what they do for a living, and you’ll see why video game testers love their jobs so much.

Finally, be sure and check out our employment resources section, where we provide feedback based on years of personal industry experience on the best-selling game testing guides and membership sites like Only4Gamers.

Once again, welcome!

Jonathon Halston

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