Ready for WoW Cataclysm? I sure am. Blizzard is simply amazing. I think one of the best jobs in the world would be to work as a tester on World of Warcraft. Finding employment by testing the world’s greatest MMORPG would truly be a dream career for most of us. Becoming a Blizzard game tester, or even other WoW jobs available, simply has to be the ultimate career. So is World of Warcraft employment difficult to get hired for? How does one become a Wow game tester? What kind of World of Warcraft jobs are available?

There are in fact several Blizzard jobs posted on their website. The Blizzard employment database in fact has dozens of mmorpg jobs available, mostly WoW employment opportunites. They are currently hiring for several game tester positions for World of Warcraft, under the QA department. They are in particular looking for foreign language testers, so if you speak any other language besides English, don’t hesitate to start your Blizzard career by applying here.

One of the things Blizzard looks for in their potential hires, both contract and permanent, is an in-depth knowledge of Blizzard games. Now, with 12 million players and counting, this mostly means World of Warcraft. Do you play? And if so, do you play well? Can you farm 200 gold an hour and hit level 80 in under 2 weeks?

It’s hard to believe these are actual job qualifications, but game companies like to hire gamers - period. And the better you are, the more likely you will be hired, as it demonstrates passion and commitment (yes, I know, being ‘committed’ to playing World of Warcraft 4 hours a day at a minimum is such a burden…:)

Anyways, if you are seriously interested in World of Warcraft jobs and employment with Blizzard, to find more jobs like this you may want to check out Only4Gamers . Only4 Gamers is a lifetime members-only website that provides both a downloadable guide as well as live information on games testing jobs and how to get one. The website is updated with new listings for video games tester jobs weekly, for Blizzard as well as all the major and minor video games companies in the country. There are no renewal fees; once you are a member, you are a member for life.

Where Only4Gamers really proves itself to be one of the real gems in game tester guides and websites is that in the members only section of the website, there are several mini courses that will guide you step by step through the process of landing your first game testing job.

The list of active jobs is provided to members on a daily basis for specific game testing jobs that you can apply for. At any given time, there are over 100 jobs posted, with up to 20 new jobs added on a weekly basis.

Additionally, members have access to current game company employment pages, providing contact information to dozens of companies actively recruiting game testers. This is updated weekly as well.

Finally, several bonuses are included as part of your membership, such as cheats, codes, video game discounts and a guide on how to actually test video games.

Jonathon Halston

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