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These are the prevailing game tester salary contract wages in the Seattle area. After 7 years full-time, I left my employer for a while, and did contract work as a level V. With overtime, it was a pretty nice wage!
Game Tester Salary Contract Rates - 2009
Level 1: 17-22\hr
Level 2: 20-25\hr
Level 3: 24-35\hr
Level 4: 33-45\hr
Level 5: [...]

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Game Tester Salary Levels are often greatly exaggerated, primarily from people who a) have never been employed as a game tester or developer and b) are trying to sell you an eBook they plagiarized from the few legitimate Game Tester Job Guides available. These scoundrels lie and promise $90\hr (or more!) to people with no [...]

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Many have expressed an interest in becoming a Game Design programmer, so in this article we explore this exciting and rapidly growing career opportunity. We will show you just what a games design degree is, how it can help you, how to get that degree, and helpful resources for exploring this career option.
So What Exactly [...]

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This is from a company hiring game testers by the dozen:
STE1’s If you do not have games test experience you must have a strong interest / passion for games. Independent professional with strong communication skills. STE’s will be test casing, writing tests and have area ownership.
Your responsibilities will include:
•Executing well defined, written test scripts
•Running simple automated [...]

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