Video Games testing jobs at the entry level are fairly easy to come by. Often times, nothing more is required than a desire to play games and get paid – however, don’t expect to see much more than 10-15 bucks an hour for a job not requiring any computer skills. The good news is, it is fairly simple to pick up some basic skills that will enable you to start off at a higher level.

As an example, I had only 9 months experience as a desktop support person prior to my first testing job, which enabled me to start of as a level 2 tester, at $17-20 an hour (and lots of overtime). It added up to $1000 a week take-home for me, which was pretty darn good for a guy who had been making a third of that as a cook just 9 months prior. So while having technical experience isn’t absolutely necessary for entry level games testing jobs – it helps. Just a modicum of experience can practically double your starting wage. If you have some programming skills, so much the better; basically, the more skills you have, the more video games testing jobs will be available to you, and the higher your starting pay will be.

Having some relevant experience, skills or knowledge is especially important during an economic slump such as we are in currently. It will be to your advantage to at least have some knowledge of the industry. This is where investing in one of the paid video games testing jobs resources currently available is really worthwhile – it will give you an edge over the competition, AND help you start at a much higher wage.

To help in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to start off your new game testing career fast, we recommend the Gamer Testing Ground site, created and ran by world class video games testers. This a great resource if you are seriously looking at video game tester jobs. The reviews and feedback from the members is wonderful, and the site has a ton of stuff created by individuals with hands-on industry experience. The site includes a lot of testing tools and resources that will help not only to land your first testing gig, but improve your skills and testing knowledge so you can grow in your new career path.

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