video-games-tester-06How to be a Video Game Tester for Fun and Profit

People are often shocked to discover one can make a living testing video games. Speaking with over 11 years of testing experience at a major games development company, yes, you can indeed make a living testing games – and a good one at that. No, you will not start anywhere near the hyped up lies you see advertised! It’s a good living, but anyone who tells you you can get 90-150 an hour is either lying or simply doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Learning how to be a video game tester can open all kinds of doors for you if you are hard working and ambitious, especially if you demonstrate a desire to learn more about your new field. Your best bet just starting out is to gain some familiarity with games testing and software test theory before hitting that first interview. We will provide that with this website. Check back often! We are adding resources all the time.

There is a great resource that I refer to people wanting to break into video games testing. These guys are the real deal - they aren’t as popular as some, and don’t make the outrageous promises of other sites - but they WILL help you land a video game testing job.

The Gamer Testing Ground Membership Site, created and ran by a really, really good games tester, is perfect training for how to be a video game tester. There is a ton of resources here created by guys with years of hands-on industry experience. You will receive the tools and resources needed not only to land your first testing gig, but to improve your skills and testing knowledge so you can grow in your new career path.

Please, save your money and avoid the “you can make $150.00 an hour!” baloney. At this website, along with recommended resources, you will hear it from people who actively work in the field, know what they are talking about, tell it like it is, and won’t try to scam you with pie-in-the-sky nonsense. We will do everything possible to help you land your first video game tester job!

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