Entry Level Manual Game Tester


1. Must like to play video games
2. Must be able to identify a bug when one sees one
3. Must be able to compose a decent bug report to hand off to the devs
4. Must be willing to work long hours when the crunch is on to get the thing shipped
5. Decent communication skills, both written and oral, in order to solve complex problems in a collaborative fashion with other team members.

Nice to have:
1. Basic knowledge of PC Hardware, especially video related
2. Ability to install and configure an Operating system
3. Ability to use “ghosting” software to create images of a system. This way,
you can create multiple images on a box of different OS configurations, for testing backwards compatibility with older operating systems
4. Good troubleshooting skills
5. Some scripting ability (even dos batch file skills go a long way here).

If you have the first 5 skills, you can get on as a level 1 STE (software test engineer) or as a Test Associate. If you have the 2nd 5 skills, you’ll probably come on as a level II STE. The more technical skills you have, the higher the starting level, and the higher the pay.

The Gamer Testing Ground Membership Site, created and ran by a really, really good games tester, is perfect if you hope to be a game tester for a new career. Here you will find a ton of resources created by guys with years of hands-on industry experience. You will receive the tools and resources needed not only to land your first testing gig, but to improve your skills and testing knowledge so you can grow in your new career path.

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