Free 3D Models & Software

Create 3D Art for Free
Picking up some software design skills of any flavor will be a huge bonus when you go to apply for video game tester jobs, so consider investing in some software that will help you do just that. Too, if you enjoy art and drawing, have you considered a career as a video game artist? If you haven’t, you should. The good news here, is that some of the best software for learning how to do stuff like 3D modeling is free - yes, free. Check out DAZ3D 3D modeling for free - you can learn loads on the free stuff, and once you have advanced, move on the pro versions (which are still some of the best bargains in software today).

Carrara 8
If you want to really get serious with learning how to create 3D Environments, Carrara 8 software allows you do do everything you can dream or imagine - Model, UV-map, paint, pose, animate, generate terrains, skies, or waters, use rigid or soft-body dynamics, import or export, and render. Do it all with 64-bit, multi-core, multi-threaded, MAC or WIN OS - all within a single application. Becoming experienced, even on your own, with some of these principles of video game design will go a long ways in starting a career in Video Games, whether testing, becoming a Game Artist, or becoming a Games Designer.

Adobe Education Store
And Adobe Software for Students is a steal - check this out: The new Adobe Creative Suite 5 Student and Teacher Editionsgives students dirt cheap prices on the FULL versions of the latest Adobe design software. Imagine being able to build a portfolio of your work with the best software available!

The low prices enable educators and students to acquire tools to more easily produce standout work. Using the software, students can develop skills for academic and career success.

For Graphic Arts and Drawingnothing really compares to Adobe products, and it so happens they are having some great discounts on their software right now - so check it out!

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