The 6th step towards becoming a great video game tester and getting hired for video game tester jobs involves determining which video game companies you would like to work for. A big factor in determining this choice will be your own preference of gaming platform, as well as gaming experience. Are you more into online role-playing games, or are you a big Xbox fan?

The major employers in the video game industry are of course MicrosoftXbox, SonyPlaystation, and Nintendo, and for the PC, Electronic Arts. Yet one shouldn’t limit one’s self to only these options. Being able to apply to the dozens of other video game companies for testing jobs will help you diversify your pool of potential employers, and greatly increase your odds of success.

This is why it is so critical, as discussed in Step 4, to gain experience on multiple platforms. At the very least, be familiar with the PC as a gaming platform, as well as one major hardware platform, such as the Xbox. Additionally, having experience playing online role playing games (MMPORGs) is a huge plus;
online games are exploding in popularity, even in the midst of a recession.

So do your research, and make a list of all the companies, major and minor, that you would be interested in working for. Focus on companies that make games you enjoy playing – whether it be puzzles, or role-playing, or car racing, or sports. Consider joining up with a membership site such as Only4Gamers that maintains a huge database of video game companies along with contacts with those companies that hire for video game tester jobs on a consistent basis.

After you have made your list, you will be ready for the final step – creating a winning resume and cover letter, and getting the job interview for your new career as a video game tester!

By Jonathon Halston
Video Game Tester Jobs Advisor

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