Game Tester Salary Levels are often greatly exaggerated, primarily from people who a) have never been employed as a game tester or developer and b) are trying to sell you an eBook they plagiarized from the few legitimate Game Tester Job Guides available. These scoundrels lie and promise $90\hr (or more!) to people with no knowledge or experience of the industry. With that said, it IS possible to make a GREAT living and career from testing games. I have been a Game Tester and Software Design Engineer in Test with a large software company for over 10 years, both as a contractor and employee, and I speak from both knowledge and experience.

The few legitimate Game Tester Job resources available are written by guys who are either games developers or testers themselves, not simply copycat marketers trying to make a fast buck by preying off of people’s lack of knowledge about the industry. The purpose of this lens is to set the record straight and separate truth from hype once and for all, and to note which Game Tester resources are legitimate and will actually give you the tools you need to get a Game Tester job, and which are simply plagiarized fantasies written to exploit people’s desire for a fun, well paying job by promising them the moon, but delivering only empty words.

After 11+ years, my wage, bonus, and benefits add up to just over 100k. So yeah, the money is there, in time. But don’t let some scam site get away with lying to you, saying that anyone can start off as a manual “black box” games tester for 90-120 large ones a year. It isn’t going to happen. With that said, testing games has been very good to me - it has supported my family well, and was a great foot in the door towards a career doing stuff that I love.

For current info on video game tester salary levels, click here

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